Mark’s first day – brief break in the weather – Yotei in background

The big group arrived last night to really heavy snow. Mark is with us now and is using the “awsome” word quite a lot and is completely blown away by by the culture and climate shock. He is boarding really well in the unfamiliar conditions of deep, dry powder. We had a brief break in the weather this morning but this soon turned to the normal blizzard conditions by lunch time. Unfortunately, Sue had a stack this afternoon and did some damage to her knee. We had to find the ski patrol guys to get her down the mountain in the “blood bucket”. She seemed very calm about the whole thing but I think this may be her last day skiing.  If her friends or family are reading this, be assured she is in good hands and aside from the knee she is OK. I’ll report on tomorrow’s blog on her condition after she has seen the doctor.


Rescue scene