Hamish in untracked powder
Mark cranking a powder turn
Tom’s first go in the powder – not bad eh?

Update on Sue Morrell – medial ligament rupture …. she was x rayed and had a brace put on in a local hospital. She can’t really walk but she is soldiering on. The travel insurance company is organising and early return to Australia …. bugger.

Big day skiing today. We were on first lifts today and had Hanazono to ourselves for a couple of hours. Had lots of fun in a double black diamond tree run called Strawberry Fields. Our legs are now completely stuffed (technical term). The sun has made a brief appearance during the past couple of days. Still bloody cold though. It has snowed every day we have been here. The snow clearing operation is now in full swing – digging out houses and roads and taking the snow away in trucks to a snow dump …….. uh?